Shut Up!

Okay, I am starting to take this personally now. First and continuing, I’m dissed by Progressive Nashville. Fine.

But now I’m dissed by the Democrats?!

What does a girl have to do to be recognized as a Lefty around these parts?

This is because I have a potty mouth, isn’t it? Little Pasture, tell me, is it because I have a potty mouth? I mean, I try to live by the tenants of the Democrats. I sneak five or six illegal immigrants around town every day (okay, not really, but if I could convince cute men with beautiful brown eyes to get into my car and whisper ‘La-urrra’ in my ear, I’d totally do it). I do drugs (well, not illegal drugs, but come on! I have terrible lung problems. I can barely breathe as it is, let alone smoke that crazy reefer). I am as promiscuous as I can get other people to agree to. What more can I do?

Edited to add:  Tiny Pasture fixed it!  The Democrats love me!  Which is good because, in all honesty, I just can’t vote Republican and would be in big trouble if they tossed me out of the Left.

11 thoughts on “Shut Up!

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  2. Yeah, well, they dissed me too. Let’s see….I register voters, I donate, I canvass, I organize rallies, I fundraise, I even go to neighboring states and help out deserving Dem candidates.

    I think it might be my association with you, which i am now forced to reconsider…

  3. But you don’t blog under your real name. How are they supposed to know its you in order to reward you for your hard work?

    Or maybe it is me! Maybe I do have the power to ruin people just by associating with them.

    Bwah ha ha. I’m drunk on power.

    “which I am now forced to reconsider…”

    Does that mean you don’t want me to come and make chocolate covered pretzels with your kids?

  4. BTW, I forgot to mention before when you were talking about it — when I was in Spain they were running Remington Steele on one of the networks, for some reason, and of course it was dubbed. And hearing “La-u-rra” come out of Pierce Brosnan’s mouth every 10 seconds or so, even if it wasn’t in his voice, was quite swoony.

  5. Sure, we can do chocolate covered pretzels with crushed almonds. I don’t see why not. We just need to make sure we acquire some almonds.

  6. Ha! I worked for their gods for f***’s sake and they leave a brother out. Well, honestly, I don’t want to be on their blog roll with that wack a** header picture. But . . . was it the eat a d*** awards I used to give out, was that it? WHY AM I BEING LEFT OUT WAAAHHHH.

  7. Mark, what are these *** things you’re using? Do you mean to suggest that there are ways for people to use words like fuck and ass and dick without actually typing fuck and ass and dick?

    Very curious.

    Ha, I tease.

    You and Mack are on the same wavelength. He said nearly the same thing to me today.

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