It May Be Better If I’m Sedated Before I Read Stories Like This

I read this over at Sylvia’s and I felt a kind of metaphysical dizziness, like my mind was still going no, no, no, while my heart was breaking.

I have to talk about it like this:  To me, I think your best friends are the ones who can hold for you the idea of the best you when you lose sight of it.  They see you like you are.  They know the person you wish you could be and the person you have the potential to be.  They love your best you, which, I think, is the part of you that responds to being loved.

And your best friends will hold your best you for you when you’ve fallen so low down and crazy with grief or rage or just the blues in general.  When you’re lost from yourself, it’s your friends you can count on to whisper yourself back to you, little by little.

Who, America, is your friend?  Who is the person who loves you enough to throw his arm around you and tell you your best things to you?  Who is it that can reach you when you are so damn lost from yourself?

I just don’t know.

You’ve never been easy to love, punching your way across the continent, landing devistating blow after blow, even as you also so carefully raised your petticoats to keep them out of the mud.

Broad-shouldered and practical, deeply superstitious and rash.

A dreamer, though.  A dreamer, always able to be better than the men and women who dreamed of what you might be.

How long do we have to wait for you to come back to that?

16 thoughts on “It May Be Better If I’m Sedated Before I Read Stories Like This

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  2. waiting, as such, will ensure the return of nothing good, i fear. waiting and dreaming has probably brought us here. maybe its time for more doing….

  3. We need Rachel to give us an informed opinion, but the one artical says ‘psychotropic drugs’ and the other article says ‘anti-psychotic drugs.’

    I don’t know what it would do to a non-psychotic mind to be given anti-psychotic drugs (hence my wondering if Rachel might be able to tell us what the literature says), but I would have to guess that that’s the basis for the ACLU’s outrage and claims of torture.

  4. I mean, it’s bad enough that we’ve dehumanized illegal immigrants to the point where someone would think of just drugging them in order to more easily toss them out of the country (like relocating wild animals).

    But that we’d shoot them full of drugs designed to mess with their minds in order to more easily return them to countries where they have reason to believe that, if anyone should know they’re returning, they’ll be killed is unbelievable.

    “Oh, hey, yeah, we’re sending you back to a place where people want to kill you, so you’ll need to have your wits about you as you exit the plane. So, in fairness, you should know that we’ve shot you full of anti-psychotic drugs which will indeed impair your ability to have your wits about you as you exit said plane.”

  5. I’m kinda curious as to what ‘psychotropic drugs’ were given to them for sedation.

    Winners of the free government transportation were politely offered their choice between a bold, fruity Napa Valley red and a sparkly French aperitif. Those who made their alcohol abstinence clear were offered cups of really strong cappuccino from the nearest airport Starbuck’s.

    A couple of years ago my wife and I started joking about relocating to Canada. Now it isn’t a joke, and I don’t think Canada will be far enough away. Seriously, people, this isn’t anything we should be hemming and hawing over, nor should we be apologists for this sadistic kind of shit.

    HISTORY IS MY WITNESS: that which is being done to ‘foreigners’ and ‘illegals’ today will be turned upon us next. Even those of us who see fit to excuse it for flimsy, morally suspect reasons will not be spared.

  6. “To me, I think your best friends are the ones who can hold for you the idea of the best you when you lose sight of it. ”

    I only read as far as this sentence, but I know B. is my friend. She poked me when I wasn’t being my best me. Everyone needs more friends like B.

  7. antipsychotics with generally sedative effects — Haldol and Thorazine are both potential candidates that even i (by no means a psych, nor a pharmacist) have heard of.

    all the antipsychotics are pharmacological heavy artillery. single-dose usage may not be all that dangerous, but in long-term usage, they’re all associated with a bunch of serious, permanent side effects. in particular, if all you want to achieve is sedation — i have no idea why you would not simply use a sedative instead. we can hope there was some good reason, but i’m not betting anything on that.

    y’know those weird and scary tics that psych ward patients are stereotyped as suffering from? the shuffling walk, the odd facial expressions, the slurred speech and doped-up demeanor? yeah, those are not necessarily due to the mental illness itself; often enough, those are side effects of the medication. side effects that usually last for life, even if the meds are discontinued. even the newest, least harmful antipsychotics are known to cause tardive dyskinesia.

  8. Before we get to far into focusing on the pharmaceutical aspect– which is important, given the potential danger of giving someone any such potent substance without a thorough medical workup– let’s keep our focus on the really important aspect of this story, which is that people are being given this stuff against their will.

  9. “I eagerly await the day that you actually ADD something to the discussion.”

    Funny, that’s what I’ve been thinking about you for some time now.

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