Lazy Sunday Morning

World, I ask you this.  Is there any more surprisingly pleasant feeling in the whole world than when a dog settles herself under you and rests her head across your feet, so that your toes are draped in the warm, soft folds of dog neck?

Here’s my small sadness for today.  I spent all yesterday afternoon with the girls at Mack’s house making chocolate covered pretzels sprinkled with almonds and they all rocked so much at it.  Supermousey and her friend, who probably has a cute nickname, I just don’t remember it, were dipping the pretzels and Ginger’s daughter, who was too short to kind of safely do that, instead became like queen of everything else.  She was moving trays around and sprinkling almonds and even, when we needed them, crushing the almonds.

Teeny, tiny little girl, big mallet, bang, bang, bang.  It was so cool to see her just take charge of all of those details.

Anyway, here’s the sad part: We made sure that everyone had some to take–Ginger, Supermousey’s friend, Mack with him to watch football, and some for Mack’s family and…

I’m sure you’ve guessed.

Somehow it completely slipped my mind to make sure I remembered to bring some home for me and the Butcher.

Oh well.

6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Morning

  1. These moments are lovely. I read about them and get all choked up inside a bit.
    I don’t know why but I do. I love the innocence and beauty of small moments like this.
    And Mabel is lying on my feet right now so there must be this swirl of canine love going on in the state of Tennessee.

  2. Those chocolate covered pretzels sprinkled with almonds that we brought home with us were wiped out by noon today.

    I’ve gotta thank you, because Amanda & I will have lots of fun making more…and we promise to save some for you and the Butcher! :)

  3. LOL. I don’t have any pets currently, but the various cats I have had were of the footwarmer variety. Actually, with the purring it turns into footmassaging as well.

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