So, so close

So, that cutie Bob Krumm comes dangerously close to realizing the futile stupidity of putting up a wall between here and Mexico:

Let’s do a little math: One of the more common ideas is to erect a 12-foot high, 2-foot thick concrete wall. Such a wall would need to sit on a footing at least two by six feet (probably twice that size). Since the southern border is 1,952 miles long, that means that the entire project would require at least 14 million cubic yards of concrete.

That’s a lot of concrete! In fact, it’s the equivalent of four Hoover Dams, the building of just one of which took four years.

Building a wall on our borders is important, but lets be realistic. It’s not going to happen in a mere 18 months. [Emphasis mine.]

Yes, let’s be realistic.  The border crosses rivers, lakes, and mountains.  How do you put a 12 foot wall over mountains?  Through water?  Ninety-six people died building the Hoover dam.  Are you prepared to sacrifice three hundred and eighty four people or more to put up your wall?

And not to ask a stupid question, but aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the party of small government?  Small except for the infrastructure necessary to overse building a giant wall no one in the border states wants.

And look at Krumm stick that “s” on the end of “borders.”  Yep, folks, he’s advocating not just for a border between here and Mexico, but one between here and Canada–which, may I remind you, is a 5,522 mile set of walls (one on the lower 48 and one on Alaska) that would have to cross the Rockie Mountains.

Yes, I’m Half-Assing It Again

I’m not going to offer any excuses.  I have big, thoughtful thoughts.  I’ve just got a lot of stuff going on, too.  It’s a lot harder to balance flaming pine cones than one would think.  Plus, I’m working on my afghan, which I love.  Did I tell you that?  And I hate my phone, which I still have not gotten taken care of.

Here are the things that are on my mind:

1.  So, okay, the folks from Boston, who brought my play to life are, it looks like, coming through town on their way to Memphis.  I’m excited, but frazzled and going to need y’all’s help on things, but more on that later.

2.  I think this piece by Barbara Ehrenreich (courtesy of shag carpet bomb) is a crucial componant to our earlier conversation.  I want to come back to this, too.  And the stuff on how Clinton went about doing health care is right on (and I think still obvious in the way she, like the other Democratic candidates) is still touting a “Let’s Just Make It Illegal for People to Not Have Insurance!” strategy to solving the health care crisis.

3.  I don’t know what to make of this yet.  I’m just leaving it rolling around in the back of my mind.  But I do wonder how we’ll repurpose McMansions in the coming zombie apocalypse.