Dog in Need of Home; Problem in Need of Solving


Hey, all, this girl was found under a deck Monday morning and the finder can’t keep her.  No kill shelters won’t take her, for obvious reasons, but she’s sweet and the finder would rather not put her in a shelter where she might be put down.

Anybody need a puppy?

Shoot, Christian, you’re getting ready to relaunch Nashville is Talking.  You need the publicity.  Think of the poetic justice that would result from you ending up with this dog.

I might start being civil to you again.


My other question is this.  Is there a good pitbull rescue in Tennessee?  Does anybody know?  Or do we just accept that good dogs get put down because there’s no other good option?


8 thoughts on “Dog in Need of Home; Problem in Need of Solving

  1. Awww…cute widdle puppy!

    If I was local, I might take her. I actually have a backyard and a dog run/room in the garage thanks to the previous owners having rottweilers.

    Please keep us updated – I would love to see a happy ending to this.

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  3. Pit Bull Rescue Central is a dangerous website i can’t afford to visit — i already have all the dogs i can house and care for.

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