Oh, and El Gato Informed Me of This, Too!

Campfield wants to make it illegal for elementary and middle schools to tell kids that some people are gay!

Honestly, at this point, I think Campfield may be a Democratic plant.


5 thoughts on “Oh, and El Gato Informed Me of This, Too!

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  2. > Human sexuality is an immensely complex
    subject… no public elementary or middle school shall permit
    any instruction or materials discussing sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.

    The first seven words are true, but the last three words miss the point. Heterosexual sexuality is no less complex than any other sort of sexuality. Is he saying that teaching about zoophilia and ATM sex is okay, as long as it is heterosexual zoophilia and heterosexual ATM?

  3. I honestly think that Stacey Campfield, while having somewhat good intentions, is the most absurd parody of a conservative politician ever to grace the halls of the legislature

    I see this as less of a slam on gays and a display of the “ick factor” and more of a slam on younger kids … you can’t understand these complicated things so we will make laws so no one will confuse your pretty little heads!

  4. > more of a slam on younger kids … you can’t understand these complicated things

    I see it as more sinister: many parents (and politicians) want their children to believe that homosexuality is a terrible sin, and that gays are destroying society (and causing hurricanes). We don’t want any teachers saying that homosexuality is not a choice, or pointing out that great artists, current members of Congress, and some mega-church pastors (em-ba-ra-ssing) are gay. If you can muzzle the voice of reason, then bigotry wins the argument by default.

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