Arts & Crafts, With Woo-Woo Thrown In

I was trying to explain to Malia’s husband, DB, how much of paganism, especially when you’re bringing folks of a lot of different backgrounds and beliefs together, involves ritualized arts and crafts.

This post, I think, which isn’t even pagan, illustrates precisely what I mean.

I tease because I love, but I do wonder if people who are crafty are more predisposed to being Crafty.

6 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts, With Woo-Woo Thrown In

  1. That would be an awesome Girl Scout project! Thanks for the tip. (You were more helpful than you intended, huh?)

  2. I’m going to try this project with my daughters. It looks so fun.

    My background is Native American, Scottish, and Black, so I guess I have a ton of paganistic history in my blood. Might be why I love things like this.

  3. Julie, I saw at your blog that you’re from North Carolina and hearing you describe yourself as Native America, Scottish, and Black, I wonder, if you don’t mind me asking, are you from one of the tri-racial isolate communities over there or did your folks come together more recently?

    I’m really fascinated by peoples’ ancestors (obviously, as a self-admitted ancestor venerator).

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