Breaking News! Hillary Clinton is a Woman

citunnottim.pngAnd women have vulvas, which are sometimes called cunts and cunt can also mean a woman who’s a bitch but worse! So, if you call Clinton a cunt, it’s funny, see, because she’s a cunt and she has a cunt and you can reduce her to her cunt, because it’s so weird that she has one that it’s worth pointing out, repeatedly.

Get it?

This news brought to you by Republican operatives (and Shakespeare’s Sister).

[Plus, this is neither here nor there, but it pisses me off that I have a reputation for being vulgar among Republicans, and yet I have never created a t-shirt or a 527 Organization designed to mock anyone’s genitals or their bad attitudes.]

27 thoughts on “Breaking News! Hillary Clinton is a Woman

  1. And we are just getting started, this is going to be the dirtiest campaign we have ever seen. Maybe you should make some T-shirts.

  2. I just want to say, too, that shit like this is exactly why I will dance out of the polls after voting for Clinton, if she’s the Democratic nominee.

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  4. … heh.

    It’s bad that I had to be medicated before I was visually aware enough to get what the image was symbolizing, right? The acronym I had no problem with, the analysis I had no problem with, but I’ve seen this like five times today and I only just now noticed the stupidity of the picture.

  5. Let me get this straight. One guy makes mysogynistic jokes/ complaints again Clinton, and therefore it is necessary to show what is what by voting Clinton.

    But Clinton allies are suspected of that racist push polling on Barack “Hussein” Obama, which means of course that if you want to vote against racism, you have to vote against Clinton and for Obama.

    You go ahead and vote for the candidate who happens to have a vagina but used racism to get ahead, and you do your little dance afterwards.

  6. Is trotting out the specious bleating of right-wing bullshit peddler Kathleen Parker the best you can do? Especially when she is equating support for hate-crimes legislation to Willie Horton ads.

    And while we’re checking our sources, the “one guy” responsible for the ad in the post above is veteran GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone.

    Lee, when you come to an intellectual gunfight, you should be armed with more than a butter knife.

  7. Back to the topic, then: The Missus is right. It’s going to get a hell of a lot worse before it is over, and that is not completely accidental. I believe the corporate media are pushing Obama and Clinton (and snubbing Edwards) for two reasons:
    1) It’s a good business strategy. Having a woman and an African-American man as the Democratic frontrunners provides endless fodder for the sort of pea-brained, substance-free hype that sells like crazy.

    2) It’s a good business strategy. No matter who emerges from the GOP primary clown car, the corporate media honchos (and their favored mouthpieces) know on which side their bread is more generously buttered. The corporate media predilection for carrying the GOP’s water will be made that much easier if the Republican candidate has to face either a Muslim-parented nigger* or a cunt** named Clinton in the general election.

    *I could use more polite terms, but let’s not kid ourselves about what a disquieting percentage of the electorate will be thinking when they hit the voting booths in November. The Bradley Effect ain’t got shit on what’s coming if Obama or Clinton get the Dem nomination.

    **If you’re expecting the negative focus on Clinton’s gender to be confined to male voters, shame on you for your naiveté.

  8. Lee, here’s the thing. He’s not just one guy. He’s been with the GOP since he was 19, first working for Nixon and then steadily employed on up until now.

    There are few words that a man can use against a woman that makes his hatred of her and the rest of us perfectly clear. I’d argue that bitch is one (but I’m old fashioned. Kids today might see it different) and cunt is the other.

    You cannot call a woman a cunt without it carrying a shit ton of meaning to every other woman who sees it.

    I look at that thing and I see that my own body is a joke, is, to them, a sign of my vileness, and it pisses me off.

    There are a million reasons, maybe more, to attack Clinton that don’t involve making jokes about how yucky her sex–which is mine–is.

    So, yeah, I see this jackass saying, in essense, “We’re not pussy-whipped by that cunt” and I relish in the idea that, even though he doesn’t want cunts like her, cunts like me, having power, I have the power to vote for whoever I want to.

    And it won’t be anybody on his side.

    But come on. You had to know that, with their love of imaginary babies and their disdain for children once they get here, I wasn’t going to be voting GOP anyway.

  9. B, I understand your emotion, and what this guy is doing is wrong/stupid, but in a way, this is the best thing that could happen to Clinton. She gets to be the victim, and this guy is not being smart by giving her ammo. This has great potential to backfire.

    I read a story recently where women are starting to call Oprah a “traitor” because she chose to endorse Obama over a woman.

    I think that’s damn stupid, but oh well.

    But there is suspicion that many who are calling Oprah a gender-traitor are Clinton activists who are merely stirring the pot.

    That is not a crazy idea.

    So be careful of Clinton playing the “I’m a woman/victim card” even if some idiot gives her an opportunity to.

    And by the way, I could wield a butter knife in a fight much better than the average liberal could with a gun. Belly button lint I’d have problems with.

  10. Also, people, let’s argue ideas, not personalities.

    So, “Stay classy, Roger Stone!” followed by the universal sign language of two six-guns fired in his direction, and then the shooter blowing smoke from his fingertips… this would be out?

    You’re no goddamned fun at all, anymore, B.

  11. Ex, no, I believe the question was whether I’d walk out of the voting place in a dignified manner or if I’d come out dancing and singing. I never was going to vote Republican.

  12. Well, I’ll vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee. And I’ll even dance a bit. But only at the chance to think of how miserable the Republican dirty-tricks brigade is going to be, not because having her as president will delight me so.

  13. Mack, why? Because Clinton won’t be the nominee? I think she’s a charming and capable person, but she’s not my candidate.

  14. I think she will be the nominee, and I am at peace with it. She is extremely smart, and hardworking, and those two things alone will be a refreshing change from our current POTUS.

  15. She is smart, and hardworking, and I have substantial disagreements with her about policy. At least, I think I do; she keeps talking about her experience but not defining it, so I can only assume she means to take credit for the William J. Clinton administration’s achievements. According to William J. Clinton himself, those achievements mostly consisted of imitating the Eisenhower administration. And I agree.

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