Hey, NM (and, fine, the rest of you)!

Mark your calendar.  Tuesday, February 19th, 6:30, Fisk library by the stairs.  The premier of the John Work III traveling exhibit.

I don’t know if the Work sons will be there, but, if there’s even a slim chance they are, it’s worth coming out for (but I have a soft-spot in my heart for smart men who tease each other).

I don’t have any other definite details yet, but I’ll be there and the display will be interesting, and if you live in Nashville and you don’t know who the Works are, now’s a good time to bring yourself up to speed.

(Wikipedia has a run-down of John Work’s life and the important roles his family has played in Nashville history, leaving out at least one important contribution made by John Work III’s son Frederick, who was one of two men to desegregate the Vanderbilt Law School.)

(Incomplete disclosure, my friend Bruce has been nominated for a Grammy for the liner notes he wrote to go along with some field recordings Work did.)

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