Prayer Warriors & Black Magic

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I just want to point you to this article about the growing Christianist movement in the military and to this analysis by Jason over at the Wild Hunt, which, I think, is spot on.

It never ceases to amaze me how this strain of Christianity, so bent on believing that anyone who’s not a “good” Christian (and note how this includes everyone from Methodists to Southern Baptists to Catholics, as well as non-Christians) is going to burn in Hell seems more than happy to practice what is clearly a form of black magic.

I mean, I don’t know how what they’re doing with those phone calls can be seen as anything other than spell-casting intending to result in the death of Michael Weinstein.

They certainly can’t believe that those are prayers any sane god would pay any attention to.

8 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors & Black Magic

  1. I don’t honestly know what to say. I personally think that the Christian church should work MUCH harder to teach prayer to its devotees. Many Christians don’t understand the nature or essence of prayer in the least. You see it all the time with the Health and Wealth preachers, the kids in Sunday School, everywhere.

    I’m always getting the “if you were really a good Christian you would pray for healing and that prayer would be answered.” I sometimes think that my illness is a lesson in prayer for people in general, and I treat it like that often. I’ve got one dude in my Sunday School class with whom I regularly debate about prayer. He seems to think that God is there to serve as his cudgel and lever to manipulate the world into submitting to his desires.

    That’s not at all uncommon for Christians. And it’s because the true doctrine of prayer requires a devotion to Mystery. In my opinion there is nothing the modern Church fears more than true mysticism.

  2. as a lifelong atheist, i’m all for prayer. religious people should spend far more time praying. keeps ’em from doing anything substantial that might actually impact the peaceful lives of the rest of us.

  3. I had lost my job in october whereas i am the best in the industry and am not getting a job. My two hindu friends had taken me to two different astrologers without even knowledge of one another and they had told me that some one had done black magic to destroy me and my family. The previous month I had sacked a muslim distributor for fraud and he had challenged me that he would destroy me. I request you to pray for me and my family to overcome the evils of black magic and to get a good job as four months have passed and my family life is crumbling

  4. Jacob, I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. It seems the most likely person who had done black magic to you is the person you sacked who was coincidently a muslim.

    Let me tell you this, his evil black magic action has got nothing to do with Islam. In fact, the very essence of Islamic understanding is against black magic or otherwise known as “sehr” in Arabic. According to Quran and the last prophet, whoever seeks the help of witch and black magic, can never go to heaven unless and until he repents. In short, the act of seeking black magic help is considered as “cheating” God because it shows you believe there is another being that is more powerful than God or as powerful as God (So that you pray and seek help from genie/devil instead of God)

    That said, I am a Muslim myself and I have to sadly admit that many people from asia-from middle east to India to Pakistan to AFRICA to Indonesia to Brunei to Thailand to Philippines to China- basically all non-west countries- are deep in black magic practices; NO MATTER what their religions are. It is in fact so common that they seek black magic help for everything; to make a person fall in love with you, to destroy someone, to kill someone, to make yourself look beautiful, to look for missing things, to pass exams, to get baby, etc etc.

    Do take care Jacob and if you haven’t already, do pray to God Almighty and ask Him to help you. If you can move house, do try since these spells are usually placed in the victim’s house.

    I would love to tell you use Quran to cure yourself from the evil but I am aware you do not believe in Quran. But I have a christian friend who told me his priest said the strongest cure against black magic is Quran. The genie are so scared of it, they burn when they hear someone reciting Quran. What I do is I play Quran mp3s. This has helped alot. If I dont do that, my situation might be worse (I might be dead by now)

    Take care Jacobs!

  5. Jacob,
    I dont know how to tell u the sufferings I am going on as well as my family. All are behaving very indifferent towards me. We had found something in our garden which was some black magic thing burried. I need help. I am a hindu

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