Urban Coyote

I just saw a coyote in the back yard!  I was taking the dog out to go to the bathroom when out from the bushes along the train tracks came this big reddish-brown thing that, at first, I thought was the world’s most enormous mutant fox, and I watched it just trot back behind the neighbor’s fence and I called Mack and I was all like holy shit how big do foxes get and he asked me to describe it and he said it sounded like a coyote and I was all but it was kind of reddish but I looked on the internet at some of them are kind of reddish and it was right in my back yard like it owned the joint, just jaunting along like it had some place to be and Mrs. Wigglebottom didn’t even notice it and it was just at the other end of the yard from her.


That was really cool.

10 thoughts on “Urban Coyote

  1. That is cool! My neighbor told my husband once that he saw a couple of them right up by our deck early one morning. I have never seen any in my backyard, but I did have one run across the road in front of me just up the street from my house. I live in the country though, so it is a little more expected I would think. What I like is on a night when there is a really bright moon, usually in the winter, I have been able to stand on my deck and listen to them howl and call to each other. It is cool and eerie at the same time.

  2. What a lovely thing to see. All we get in my neighborhood is possums. We don’t even have rabbits — which may help to explain the absence of coyotes, too.

  3. You mean the prison riot cats? Oh, Rachel, if you could see the attitude these two throw. They don’t even deign to go out if it’s less than 50 degrees out, which means, except for that short spell there around Christmas, I’ve been stuck with them in the house.

    This morning, the orange cat somehow got himself stuck in the bathroom while I was showering (I have no idea how, considering how small my bathroom is. I’m sure he wasn’t in there when I went in there.) and spent the time howling and throwing things on the floor.

    He’s lucky I don’t invite the coyote in for a “meet the new neighbor” coffee and cat chase.

  4. Ooooh, I have coyotes show up in the woods behind my house sometimes…their bark (is that what you call what coyotes do?) is so unique to me.

  5. There was a big problem with urban coyotes in Belle Meade a few years ago. The head of my design department at work had one of her cats eaten, and the head of my Mass Market Sales team had his small dog (shih tzu, I think) eaten as well. It was a topic of conversation for days.

    At lunch. While eating chinese food.

    Overall, not a pleasant memory.

  6. Percy and I saw a coyote on one of our walks, and I was interested in her reaction to it. We saw it from fifty yards away or so, and, if it had been a dog, she would’ve been all barky and growly (because she has no manners). But she acted very differently. Interested, but respectful. I’m fascinated by how she could tell that this thing was wild, not domesticated. Cuz they do look like dogs, especially from far away.

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