Just Tell Me Now So I know

Do the ways you’re screwed up get worse as you get older or will they eventually start to mellow?

I had a bad bit this afternoon, then drank too much to recuperate, and I still feel weird about it.

This whole heights thing has for sure gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and it interferes with my life in ways that deeply trouble me.

5 thoughts on “Just Tell Me Now So I know

  1. In my opinion, they sort of change. The old ways of screwed-upness kind of mellow out, but then all of a sudden you’re screwed up in new, more interesting ways.

    And in my own case, you don’t even realise it until someone calls you on it.

    Sort of like how I don’t get zits anymore but my hair is thinning.

  2. I would say that most of mine have gotten worse as time has gone on. My eye thing has progressed to the point where it interferes with my life, certainly, as does the horror thing.

    Actually, come to think of it, what you describe sounds a lot like my last weekend. *hugs* If it’s any consolation, I think at some point you get to declare yourself an Eccentric Older Person and just outright avoid or refuse the stuff that bothers you.

  3. Some get worse, like my motion sickness is so bad now I can’t ride the swings at the fair, and it used to be ok to ride anything in open air.

    A lot of the others, though, seem to have gone away. Sometimes I forget that I used to be affected by certain things.

  4. I miss milk. About three years ago, I found myself somewhat lactose intolerant. No more milk, no more ice cream. Sigh. Thank goodness it appears that cheese is not a problem.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well.

  5. My fear of heights has become much worse, because I know what will happen if I fall off my ladder while putting up Christmas lights. I’ll be hurt very badly, if not paralyzed, and my kids will have an invalid or dead mom. Stuff you don’t think about when you’re 11. So there’s that. Knowledge can be inhibiting. But I don’t dislike cream cheese or mushrooms anymore. For that, I’m thankful for my age.

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