Once You Bring Dairy Queen Into It…

Okay, so maybe i has a hotdog is slowly finding its own voice.  I laughed at this anyway.

When I lived in North Carolina there was a billboard for Dairy Queen that said, “Kids, Holler ’til your Dad stops!”  Which, in retrospect, seems a little nefarious, but at the time, I thought it was very cute.

Did I ever tell you about the vacation we took where, for three days at the end of it, we stopped at every Dairy Queen we saw?  You’d think a person might never want to see a Dairy Queen again (it was years before the Butcher could eat Oreos again after the weekend he ate 40 pounds of them), but you’d be wrong.

If you have to ask yourself how a person such as the Butcher eats 40 pounds of Oreos in a weekend, you haven’t been reading this blog very closely, that’s all I’ll say.  Now, if you excuse me, I think the Butcher left his Bob Marley record playing…

6 thoughts on “Once You Bring Dairy Queen Into It…

  1. Damn I miss Dairy Queen. Right before I was to move in a block away from the only one I knew of in California (it was at Sunset and La Brea, and probably/possibly there were more in the state but I don’t/didn’t get out much) – it closed and was replaced by a fancy juice place. A JUICE PLACE!!!

    My family used to drive to Texas to visit my maternal grandmother most summers, and Dairy Queens were a favorite staple.

    Why are hot dogs not a more popular fast food? They are so much harder to dial down the quality of than hamburger meat! And yes, Pinks, I’m talking about you, you be-skinned hot dog peddling charlatans. If I want to have the approximate experience of biting into a dude’s private part, I will let you know. Until then, CAN I GET A REAL HOT DOG OUT HERE PLEASE?

  2. There’s a Dairy Queen on the sliver of Old Hickory Blvd near our place. The dogs know it as a routine stop for them.

    One day I was driving the dogs to the grocery store and we drove PAST the DQ without turning in.

    The 80lb black dog would NOT STOP BARKING once we drove past. He was blessing me out for not stopping and getting his usual Kid Cone.

  3. Ha, I know that bark. I hear it at the drive-through, as if I’ve somehow forgotten to get a burger for the 60 pound pitbull barking in my ear with such distressed alarm. I blame that, in part, for the woman at the Wendy’s drive-through on Gallatin who used to give us dog treats.

  4. I know SayUncle says they have no personality. I say “you have not met my dogs.”

    Seriously, the “hey, bitch, you’re passing the Deek!!!!” bark is totally different from the “I have to pee” and the “the mailman is here” and the “someone somewhere just slammed a cardoor” barks.

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