I Always Laugh When Mrs. Wigglebottom Sneezes

Mainly because it’s the world’s longest sneeze (with the exception maybe of elephants, having never witnessed elephant sneezes), starting way back near her brain and working its way down her snout so that she’s got to shake her head and curl her lips to finally get it to let go and come out.  It’s like HRExxrhezzzheepbhbpt.  And then she kind of is startled by it, like she’s looking out in front of her for whatever dastardly being must have certainly just come out of her head and is surprised to find nothing.

They’re having a couple of really good discussions over at Shakespeare’s Sister about pit bulls and the happy endings for some of Michael Vick’s dogs, here and here.

Maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age, but that picture of the two pit bulls snout to snout in silliness kind of makes me tear up.