I Was Right about the Bright Afghan!

If you double the pattern, it ends up being a pretty good size.

I spent the evening arranging and rearranging afghan squares.  I think I’ve got it just how I want it now.  Here’s the size the afghan pattern makes:


You can see why that wasn’t going to do.  I know children that afghan would have been too small for.

And here’s the afghan I’m about to start sewing together:


Yes, that is a Pac-man pillow case.  Fuck off, some folks find it charming.

Hey, check this picture of Mrs. Wigglebottom out.  The Butcher was at one end of the couch and she’s all “When in Rome…”


7 thoughts on “I Was Right about the Bright Afghan!

  1. Those orange and yellow colors would look nice in my house, uh, if you ever decide to make another afghan with those colors and don’t know what to do with it. :)

  2. B, those are just lovely. (And so is Mrs. W, but that always goes without saying.)

    You know what my first thoughts were upon seeing your afghan layouts? The first one made me think of a child’s hopscotch pattern drawn on a sidewalk. The second, at first glance, reminded me of big raindrops falling on a pond in the fall. (With the green algae and yellow and brown and orange leaves and such.)

    That says a lot for your talents, that your afghan DESIGNS can make people feel all snuggly just looking at them.

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