Random Things that Have Been on My Mind

1.  But I’m sure this time is different.

2.  I’m not Catholic and my familiarity with Catholicism comes from an a-typical (maybe) situation, but I thought the point of a Catholic school was, in part, that all Catholics could attend.  There’s a post somewhere about what it means that the crowd at Father Ryan is 99% white in a city with a vibrant, if sometimes terrified, Hispanic community.  I’m not the person to write it, but I’d sure like to read it.

3.  So, I was at the Uncounted screeninglast week.  It’s a powerful movie, and I know some Righties will stay away because it looks at the last few elections and the Republicans don’t come out looking so hot.  I would encourage you to see it anyway, because it’s important and it will make you raise an eyebrow at the New Hampshire primary.

4.  I spent part of yesterday playing with puppies.  I just wanted to run around screaming Puppies!  Puppies! but apparently that agitates their mom.

5.  This has been nagging at the back of my brain for a week and people keep saying things that seem to fit with my train of though and I keep waiting for a whole post to develop out of it, but a whole post doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.  So, I’ll just say this: it is a mistake to assume that the Universe, which brings forth as much variety as it can, would some how not be geared to produce variety in human beings.  It’s also a mistake to assume that our suffering has anything to do with some kind of judgement against us by the Universe.

6.  The Butcher is back home sick again.  I really don’t want to catch what he’s got.

7 thoughts on “Random Things that Have Been on My Mind

  1. Thats an interesting insight about catholic schools. I think I have been noticing a trend around here, where non catholic church based schools are offering cheaper tuitions and even full blown scholarships to Hispanic families. The cynic in me wonders if it isn’t a way to move them away from their catholic roots.

    I could go on and on about #5, but you ain’t got the bandwidth, sister.

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  3. #2 Perhaps you are the one to write more on this since you observed it. Perhaps people would be more open if it came from an “outsider.” The observation is spot on. Struggling Latinoes all over the place but relatively few in Catholic schools. Those schools have become, for the most part, loafs of WonderBread. They are private schools with crucifixes. Ask the bishop. You can email him… don’t mention my name.

    #5 Nothing like commenting on the mystery of suffering. When I figure it out I’ll get back to you.

    Yes, the wrestling was good wasn’t it.

  4. Does the placement of schools and urban churches have to do with it? In our city, the Catholic schools are economically integrated due to the heavy scholarship subventions but racially segregated because of where they are sited within the city (the biggest on the whitest edge of the city nearest the whitest and most affluent suburb). All the Catholic churches are closing in the ethnically integrated neighborhoods — St. Casimir’s, St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, St. Anthony’s — and the church structures are being sold to Pentacostals and storefront iglesias. Our bishop has taken a huge amount of heat for “abandoning” most of Albany, but the Church is her people. And most of those people are aging and white and unwilling to drive back to the old neighborhood to sit in pews with black and Latino co-congregants and certainly don’t want to have Mass served by an African priest. (There was a serious kerfuffle over that in the parish next to me…just another piece of evidence, should anyone have needed it, that Northern liberal Christians can be every bit as racially biased as Southern conservative Christians…)

  5. I don’t know for sure. I think white Catholics are pretty evenly spread around town. Hispanic Catholics are probably more concentrated slightly southeast of downtown (where they’ve just opened a Catholic church to serve the community) and the Catholic school, which used to be quite close to where I work (inside the 440 loop) is now south of downtown. Depending on how bad traffic is, it would probably take about 15 minutes to drive from the new predominately Hispanic Catholic church to the Catholic school, even though the church is in a “bad” part of town and the school is in a very well-off part of town.

    In other words, the neighborhoods are very segregated, but near each other. It would have to be much more convenient for kids on Nolensville Road to get to Father Ryan than it was for our friend, the Red-Headed Kid to come in from clear out by St. Henry’s.

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