I’m Pretty Sure the Roof is Supposed to Prevent That

I’m laying here reading my Google reader and listening to what sounds like water descending from upstairs and making its way through pipes in my wall.  It’s a nice sound, if you can imagine it, the refreshing OOOooossshhhhhooohhhssshhhh of running water.

But world, there is no bathroom or kitchen above me.  There’s not even any upstairs.  You can get into some kind of attic space through a hole in the ceiling of one of the closets, but there aren’t any water pipes in the walls in my bedroom.

I think I’m sitting here listening to water, from the passing storms, running down the innards of my place.  That just can’t be good.

2 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure the Roof is Supposed to Prevent That

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  2. yeah, that’s probably not a good sound at all. no insulation in the walls, i take it? time to get somebody up on or in the roof.

    weird trivia: budgerigars are dry-climate birds. they tend to be fascinated by running water and falling water — rainy season spells “good living, time to breed” to their instincts. they’ll often respond to the sound of a tap running, or the sound of falling rain, with happy singing and calling.

    one day in my previous dwelling (the trailer i got the heck out of), me and the spouse were relaxing in the bedroom after a heavy rain. (pitter-patter on the tin roof; i don’t have to hear that anymore, no longer living in a tin can.) the budgies in their cage, clear in the other end of the trailer, were singing happily and loudly… unusually loudly, even. went to check on ’em, and some seal in the siding had sprung a leak, we had a leftover rainstorm in the living room. that mess took three days to straighten out…

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