Are These The Kinds of Things that Can Be Twittered?

Yes, my god, I am apparently practice-Twittering… Tweeting… I’m not sure, but clearly, I’m practicing here at my own blog because I’m unsure what to do over there.

1. @Roger:  Shoot, if even the Son of Satan can be reformed, there’s hope for an ole feminist like me yet!

2.  @Newscoma & @Tiny PastureI’m gunning for you.  @Say Uncle: Yes, I did use that metaphor just to drive up my hit counts among 2nd Amendment nuts.  I’ve got my sights on you, too.

3.  @Rachel: Your post makes me want to have a Hairy-cooter-In at those folks’ hospitals, where everyone who gives birth there vows to let it grown in thick and long before showing up.

4.  @Mississippi: But I’m fat!  And I have tourist dollars!  And a dream of eating red hot tamales in the Delta!

5.  @Memphis: Oh, Darling, tell me I can come over there and eat red hot tamales with you.  You still love fat people, right?  I mean, you loved Elvis.  Love me, too.

9 thoughts on “Are These The Kinds of Things that Can Be Twittered?

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  2. at MS: what if you are borderline? Does the state issue body fat reading scales to all restaurants? Kind of like when you get carded for alcohol at restaurants does the waiter have to come over and use one of those big pincher things to measure your tricep wobble?

  3. What about football players or other people with lots of muscles? They’re technically obese by the government’s standards, but who’s going to deny them a meal or two?

  4. Does someone more politics-savvy than me know what the point of this bill might be? Is it just to draw attention to an issue or does some num-nuts really think this bill is a good idea?

  5. Kathryn, I think this guy is completely sincere and thinks that this is a good idea. I’m even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he probably is genuinely concerned about obesity, for all the reasons Kate Harding and the Rotund and other fat activists regularly talk about–he probably does believe that it’s unhealthy (and so costing his state money in medical care) and he probably does believe that fat people eat more, much more, than skinny people and cannot help themselves.

    If you couple that with the knowledge that fat in our society really is a class marker (and of course it is) and how, even many of the most staunch Republicans believe they have the right to dictate what people who “take” their money do with their lives, it’s easy to see how this guy believes that, if poor fat people (and don’t fail to see how, in Mississippi, that means we’re talking about poor fat black people, so we have all of the stereotypes of how black people can’t control their urges and must be shepherded by white people) can’t control themselves, it’s up to “respectable” people, like business owners, to do it for them.

  6. “it’s up to “respectable” people, like business owners, to do it for them.” – I think Mississippi has seen enough of that for a lifetime.

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