3 thoughts on “You Know Who I Feel Bad For?

  1. Sophie becomes a shaking bowl of jello when I try to get her into the tub. 60 lbs of, “Oh why do you hate me? Why do I deserve this terrible treatment. Save me! Save me!” It take two people to manage the task of bath-time.

    I had a neighbor whose bully would jump right into the tub.

    I am still very jealous.

  2. Mine (around 60-65 lbs) had to be picked up and put in the tub his entire life (and usually chased around the house a few times to even get to that point).

    All of a sudden one day when he was about nine or ten years old, he stepped into the tub by himself and I nearly had a heart attack. And has done it ever since.

    I guess we have baths so infrequently around here (with five fairly large ones and one very fat one it’s such a chore) that he decided he REALLY wants one when he has the chance.

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