My Dad’s Out of Surgery

I’m not sure how today turned into liveblogging my dad’s surgery, but it has.

Anyway, I just talked to my mom and they closed him up early because they found more substantial blockage than they expected to find and so he’ll have to have bypass surgery.

He didn’t have a heart attack or anything and the artery with the worst blockage has the blockage in a place where the blood was able to flow in from the other direction and so his heart is completely healthy and undamaged.

And the doctors are very optimistic about doing bypass surgery on a person with a healthy heart.

So, it’s like the best possible bad news, really.

And I am very, very relieved.  We can make a plan, we can execute it, and that will be that.  I will know far enough out that I can get up there for the bypass surgery.

Okay, so let’s get back to talking about indelicate body parts and farts and whether or not I am a giant crybaby.

Two crows for joy, indeed.

19 thoughts on “My Dad’s Out of Surgery

  1. That is indeed good news. It’s excellent that they found it before the heart muscle was damaged by a heart attack. My Dad had a triple, and came out of it just fine, healthier than before, actually. Yours will too.

    Will it be done at Carle, do you think? I would have the utmost confidence in that, too. It’s the best place around.

  2. How wonderful. Fixable scary news!! You can occupy yourselves making ready for it, now, and that will help alleviate the remaining customary scaredness a bit.

    You can always celebrate his arrival in the recovery room after the surgery with a giant fart. He’ll know he’s loved.

    You are not a big crybaby, by the way. And I think the two crows were sent to remind you of that.

  3. Peg, I’m not sure. What he had done today was at Carle and I do also feel completely confident in them. But my aunt is a surgical nurse in the cardiac unit at Loyola and I am not sure if she’ll want him to come up there where her team (without her, of course) can work on him.

    But, if I had to guess, I’d guess it’s getting done at Carle.

  4. I’m glad your dad is okay, any surgery is scary. They are so good at doing bypass these days I know he’ll be fine and feel better than ever once he’s healed up:) And you’re right, knowing what’s wrong, and that there’s is a plan to fix it, is more than half the battle during illness. My mom has been very sick and our biggest stress is trying to figure out why and what can be done to improve her health:(

  5. (OK… I realize it’s not “great” news, but it is great compared to alternatives… I’m shutting up now… It’s 74 degrees in Knoxville… I’m going back outside…)

  6. Well, as you know, I worked for heart & lung surgeons for over 14 years. No, bypasses are not fun, but goodness, they are so much easier & people improve quicker than even when I started working for the docs in 1990. In probably thousands of patients in those 14+ years, only one ever went bad and that guy was sickly anyway, not healthy like your dad.

    And honestly, I always wished my dad had just had a heart attack and needed a bypass or something than the massive stroke he had years ago. Because people almost always bounce back just FINE after heart attacks and/or bypass surgery.

    So this is all good news, he’s gonna be just fine, B. And I’ll keep you all in thoughts and send good karma your way (Mrs. Wigglebottom too!).

  7. I’m glad to know it is something that is fixable and that can be attacked with a plan. I’ve been trying to think of a denominational joke in the tradition of every conversation I’ve had with your dad, but none yet.

    Also, if anything does happen at Loyola our guest room is always open if you need a non-family place to spend a night, and we are available if you need an escape with non-family type event. Loyola is actually a pretty straight shot on the expressways to our house.

    I’m with Peg on Carle – I’ve always heard good things about them.

  8. I’m glad to hear your dad is fixable. If you come to Chicago area (that is the Loyola you all are talkin’ ’bout, right?), then you have to look us up. We offer free dinners, an affectionate dog, and relative piece and quiet, if you need it.

    Other than that, I just farted in the classroom.

  9. Good for you and your dad! Don’t let him trick you into seeing the marks on his legs where they will strip the veins used for his bypass. My Uncle delighted in doing that to all of us a few years ago.

    Seriously, three days after quintuple bypass surgery at St. Thomas, he was cracking jokes in the elevator and trying to get me to give him a cigarette on the way home. He’s 70+.

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