The Bright Afghan Survives the Dryer!

I just pulled the bright afghan out of the dryer and I cannot fucking believe I made that!  The colors did fade just a hair, but you can actually tell the green from the blue, now, whereas before they were just dark blobs, and the orange is much softer and prettier.

Also, I haven’t ever crochetted with cotton before.  It’s always just been me and the acrylic you can buy at Wal-mart (full disclosure, that will be the stuff of the blue Tiny Cat Pants afghan).  So, I am surprised and thrilled with how the yarn behaved in the wash.

Things that had seemed kind of gappy and weird have kind of moved around and settled into place.  My squares look square.  My straight lines are straight.  My mistakes not immediately obvious.

And, because it’s cotton, it’s so soft.

America, I would buy that thing in a store.



I am pleased.

Pictures later.

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