Aunt B! We Never Get to Dance Around Our Offices Anymore!

I know, I know. It’s been ages since I encouraged you to shut your office door and dance around like there’s nobody looking.


I’ve been remiss.

But, to make up for it, I bring you a song which contains a line that makes me blush like a school girl when I hear it. There are certain things men do–that deep, knowing laugh y’all get, that open, appreciative stare, and how R.L. Burnside says “See that moonlight shining through them trees, look at that woman with the dress above her knees,”–that part especially, “look at that women with the dress above her knees”–that just make me feel way too innocent, like I don’t yet know what goes on between grown folks after the kids have gone to bed.

And I think I could be laying there, in a tangle of pleased, exhausted bodies, unsure of which part belonged to which people, and still hear that line and feel like some men have their own mysteries about women that only get shared one way.

Miss Maybelle

Edited to add:  I don’t have sound on my computer because I’ve got the speakers plugged into my iPod and it occurs to me that I haven’t actually heard this version of the song.  I can only hope he still growls about knees and skirts.  If not, I’ll upload the other version when I get home.

2 thoughts on “Aunt B! We Never Get to Dance Around Our Offices Anymore!

  1. The version you posted is live and has a slower tempo than the one from the OA CD. It also is more wicked, yea verily. Heh.

    The OA version makes me want to do an extremely frenzied Bristol Stomp all around my office. Except we should probably call it the Holly Springs Stomp just because anything evoked by Mr. Burnside is much cooler.

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