Bill Hobbs Wins ‘Act Like Bill Hobbs Day’ Hands Down!

I know it’s a late entry, but when you read it, you’ll see why I had to give the crown to the king.

Every day I think, ‘There’s just no way that TNGOP head propagandist, Bill Hobbs, can top this!” and regularly he proves me wrong. And every day I think that he’ll be reigned in, at least by common sense, if not common decency, but no.

But today, today has to be the day that he writes a post so quintessentially Hobbsian that even he could not top it. This post is so genius it wades chest-deep through self-parody and comes out on the other side back into serious-post-land. This post… this post is… dare I say it?…

This post is the perfect Bill Hobbs post.

See how it starts out so reasonably? He finds a post that interests him, that has some data he thinks might be useful to his readers. He crafts normal sentences that one can read and say to herself, “yeah, that is interesting. I wonder what to make of that. Is it as simple as rural white racism?”

But then he leaps into being divorced from reality–“Actually, that’s not not surprising given the long racist history of the Democratic Party.” Could someone other than the head propagandist for the TNGOP make that point without making me howl with laughter?


But Bill Hobbs? Bill Hobbs is going to try to pass the Tennessee Democratic Party off as the racist party in our state? The mind boggles.

Third paragraph, we leap out of self-parody into… into something glorious I don’t quite know how to name. What is this?

The party that raised identity politics to an art form in divisive partisan politics now may find it an intra-partisan cancer. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

See what I mean? It’s almost beautiful.

Sometimes, I like to say ludicrous stuff just to see if I can get away with it. For me, there’s that wonderful moment when you say something like “I never try to guilt people into doing things I’m perfectly capable of” when it just hangs there in the air, like a delicate bubble and you and the person you’re speaking to both know it’s ridiculous, but neither of you wants to let the moment pass, because you almost can’t believe something that contrary to reality could just hang there in the air without causing some kind of explosion or without causing the universe to collapse in on itself.

This usually ends with me laughing from the very bottom of my soul.

I could be wrong, but I kind of see that in Hobbs. Like, he must have some sense that there’s just no way anybody would seriously think that the Republicans were somehow less divisive and less concerned with identity politics. He must have sensed that, even as he was typing it, that it was the most ludicrous thing in the whole Nashville blogosphere.

And he must have wondered if his continued repeating of this idea that black people are just so stupid they’ll let Democrats lead them anywhere would actually work to prevent black people from voting Republican in great numbers.

He’s not stupid.

But he went for it anyway.

It’s wrong, but I can’t help but respect that a little bit.

12 thoughts on “Bill Hobbs Wins ‘Act Like Bill Hobbs Day’ Hands Down!

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  2. Identity politics … let’s see … evangelicals vote for Huckabee? check … military families vote for McCain? check … Mormons vote for Romney? check … those Dems are sure into that kind of thing.

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  4. nm, touche

    I don’t think evangelicals voting for Huckabee is an identity thing so much as it is knowledge of shared goals, speaking the same language, and knowing that he understands their concerns.

    Wait, that is an identity thing. :)

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