I Got Nothing

I’ve got nothing to say, really.  I’m just sitting here drinking my Diet Dr Pepper, watching the cat snuggle with a shoe, thinking about the Professor’s promise of a story about Albert Schweitzer.

I don’t normally get why people hang out by themselves at coffee shops, but today I kind of wish that was my plan.

I’ve got nothing interesting to say and no one I particularly want to see, but I want to hang out near people and listen in on their conversations and watch the ways their fingers drum on the table or how they turn their heads to listen to their children.  I want to wait with a stranger who is anticipating the arrival of someone.  I want to be surprised by who stops by that I know.

I have an idea for the Tiny Cat Pants Blanket.  I want to have some time to mull that over, sketch it out, and see what it would take.

Mostly, I just want to listen to you talk, while I’m lost in my thoughts.

One thought on “I Got Nothing

  1. Well, I’ll make some noise while I put off the things I’m supposed to do in my office.
    I like to hang out in coffee shops by myself for several reasons:
    -some of them have things I don’t have at home, like big comfy armchairs I can hang my legs over.
    -some of them have things I can’t make at home, like bubble tea and red-bean pastries.
    -usually, though, it’s just easier for me to think about Work (grading or writing papers, reading dry articles) when I’m not in my playspace. I can’t play computer games in a cafe without feeling embarrassed.

    Mm. Now I want bubble tea.

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