Random Things about the Number Four

1. I’m number four! I’m number four! I just heard from The Women Playwright’s Initiative. They say, “Your play, Honey I’m so Lonesome, I Don’t Know What to Do, was one of four finalists out of 71 plays submitted to our recent competition among women writers in the Southeast. Congratulations! The readers responded very positively to your script. Unfortunately, though, it was not selected for production at this time.” I guess I should feel disappointed, but I’m really thrilled. Wow.

2. It’s four degrees here. Four degrees. I have a number of readers from Illinois. I notice none of you bothered to mention that I’d be driving into four degree weather. I shake my head at y’all.

3. We have to get up at four in the morning to take my dad to the hospital tomorrow.

4. There are four of us here. My mom bought four pizzas for dinner. Needless to say, we have some leftovers.

14 thoughts on “Random Things about the Number Four

  1. Yes, dammit, it’s four degrees. Again, dammit, it’s four degrees. Yet yesterday it was almost 40 degrees. Hope for warmth springs eternal… Best to you and your family tomorrow.

  2. The cold must have driven out the really good news about four: congratulations on the play. I’ve always known you could write. Please write more plays.

  3. 4 is always my favorite number and, if you see numbers and names in color, as I do, it’s blue, beautiful rich blue. It also has four letters.

  4. Holy shit…
    That’s awesome B!!
    Your play …. I WANT TO SEE IT!!
    Sorry about it being four degrees though. That must suck and 4 a.m. …

  5. Congrats on the play. Good luck with the morning stuff.

    bt, I always thought five was blue. four is kinda an orangey brown

  6. That’s so fucking awesome, B!!! I’m so glad you submitted it. Yes. Write. More. How is the vibrator play coming?

    Thinking about your Dad in the forest today. If he does happen to see Her, maybe he could just challenge Her to a game of chess like in The Seventh Seal. Or maybe he could pull out his guitar and distract Her with one of his songs about prohibition or whatever it is he sings about.

  7. Four? Four doesn’t seem worth mentioning. It was negative three at my house this morning. Not to start that you think that’s cold game, but just to let you know why four wouldn’t come up.

    That’s awesome about the play! Very exciting!

  8. I’m still in denial that it’s this cold here, again. Keeping that information from my conscious mind gets in the way of warning you about it. I like snow and I don’t normally mind the cold, but I’ve had enough of this tons-of-snow–freezing cold–all the snow melts–repeat cycle for two or three winters.

    Warm congratulations on the play, I hope the pizza leftovers taste just as good as they did fresh, and most of all best wishes for your dad’s recovery from surgery.

  9. 4 will be with me forever. I was born on 4/4/94. My name has 4 letters (Joab). i had my birthday when i was in 4th grade at the date 4/4/04. tomorrow I’m turning 14, in the year 2008 (8 divided by 2 is four). On my birthday in 4/4/04 I brought four friends with me to papa ginos to celebrate, and I ate 4 slices of pizza. Hehe. Funny coincidences.

  10. Ahhaa me too Joab. Except my name doesnt have four lettetrs and i didnt celebrate that way.

    Even still….Que coincidad!

    [4 is my lucky number]

  11. Oh yeah, and whenever they alphabetize things by last names within my class, I’m always 4th or very rarely 2nd. Ahaha. I’ll keep posting if I think of more ><

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