Dad Day One

We’re finally home, after a long, long day.  I’m so exhausted I can barely stand it.  We need to figure out how to get both the Butcher and me home for as little hassle as possible, which should be a fairly easy thing to figure out, but I swear to god, it’s like the most complex math problem possible.   Say you have two people who need to get to Nashville in a car and one needs to leave this weekend and the other can leave next weekend.  How do you get them both home for as cheap as possible?  I’ve decided, for starters, that I will not go home on Wednesday and try to drive back up here on Sunday so that the Butcher can drive home on Sunday and turn around and drive back up here to get me the next weekend.

But does he drive home this weekend and drive back up here to get me the next weekend or do we fly me home and, if so, how to get me to the airport?

I have no fucking idea, but we all drew various diagrams and stared and them and then finally gave up.

The first time we went in to see my dad, I about couldn’t stand it.  He was hooked up to a million tubes and wires and cords and had a tube down his throat and just wanted someone to wipe the gross stuff off his tongue, so I did, because that’s what you do.  It was all I could do to not just break down right there in the room, watching things leak out of him and drip into him and such.  But, somehow, miraculously, I held it together.

About an hour later, we went back in and they had him sitting up and the tube was out and he was talking.  I told him that his brother had called and he asked, “Uncle Blaine?” and the Butcher and I joked it off, because we couldn’t tell if he was serious or not.  The longer we were in the room, though, the more it became apparent that he was still very out of it.  He knew we were family, but I’m not sure he knew for certain who we were, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember that Uncle Blaine is dead.  That about tore my heart out.

And then, the third time we went in, I rubbed his head for a while and we talked and my mom told him the same thing she told him every time she went in and he nodded again, so maybe it works for them.  Then Mom said “I love you” and I said “I love you” and he looked at me and said “Do you really?” and I said, “I’m here, aren’t I?” and he said, “Then where’s my son-in-law?” and I laughed and he said, “How am I going to retire if you don’t give me a son-in-law?  A rich one?”  And that broke my heart, too, but for different reasons.

10 thoughts on “Dad Day One

  1. Go Greyhound. It’s greyhound. com. For about a hundred bucks and 12 hours of your life, one of you can take the bus one-way. I know who I’d choose.

  2. Yeah, but if I could figure out how to get one or the other of us up to Chicago, we could fly home for about $60 and three hours of our lives.

  3. I was gonna say Amtrak. But it appears Nasvhille doesn’t have a train station. Amtrak to Chicago and then CTA to O’Hare or Midway.

  4. Well, your Dad must be okay if he’s already razzing you about the marriage thing. I’m so glad everything’s okay. I was thinking of you and your family all yesterday.

  5. Is there a Greyhound or Superbus to Chicago from where you are? Or maybe an airport shuttle? Any local hotels would know transportation services that would get you to the Chicago airports.

  6. If it’s settled, I hate to intrude, but I have an idea or two that might even be less hassle. Could you rent a car in IL and return it in TN? I know that can get expensive. But, what about a U-Haul. your brother can rent a small truck, drive it home empty and leave it there for probably less money than him driving home and back up to get you again. Let me know if someone needs a ride from a rental place in town. Or if the cats need some attention that the Red Headed Kid isn’t able to provide.

  7. After open heart surgery, extreme disorientation and even amnesia isn’t uncommon. My grandfather had it a couple of years ago and to this day he doesn’t remember anything that happened in the immediately following three days (not that there would have been anything exicting for him to remember anyhow).

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