Dad Update

We’ve had three ministers, one aunt, two women I don’t know, and all of us take over the whole end of the waiting room and we’re all laughing and telling stories about my dad.

The Butcher just told me that Dad’s off the bypass, so I have to get back.  More later.

8 thoughts on “Dad Update

  1. I was listening to a playlist that included Lucinda Williams this morning – in honor of your dad and his remarks on your Louisiana trip I pretended that she had a speech impediment.

  2. Yeah! Woot! Go, Daddy-o! Get better fast!

    Hey, B, now y’all can tell him all the trash you were telling ON him in the waiting room. We enjoyed doing that to Mom, too. (She was alarmed when she found out the preacher heard one of her eldest sister’s tales on her. Then I reminded her, “Hey, his daughter got chastised by a deacon for the length of her skirt, so he don’t need to be judging nobody.”)

    Kiss everybody for us, B. And smooch yourself hardest of all. We loves ya.

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