A Man and His Bear


You’re not supposed to take pictures in the ICU, but we all thought that my dad with his bear on his chest was so cute that we’d be forgiven, if we got caught.  He has to keep the bear on his chest and hold it to him when he coughs.  I’m not sure why.  We asked if he’ll have to work his way up to larger stuffed animals, maybe a baby elephant or a stuffed blue whale, but they said, no, just the bear.

He’s doing a lot better today and he just has to fart and keep food down and they’ll declare him ready to go to a regular room.

The Butcher and I ran to Walgreens to get a card for him to give to Mom for Valentine’s Day and when we got back, he and Mom were both napping, she in the chair and he in his bed and when he woke up, he smiled and said, “Don’t tell the nurses that you caught your mom and I sleeping together.  I’m not supposed to do that for another six weeks.”

14 thoughts on “A Man and His Bear

  1. Rachel, after having my aunt there with us in the waiting room, I’ve decided that you could have a second job as a family/hospital liaison. It’s so helpful to have someone who understands what the doctor is saying and can translate it for the family and you’d be perfect for that.

  2. “Don’t tell the nurses that you caught your mom and I sleeping together…

    Your Daddy is a cutie pie.

  3. This is another reason I wish your parents lived down here. My mom’s bible-study group (we used to call them the “Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Class, Sewing Group and Terrorism Society” until, well, you know) makes little 12″x12″ pillows for the local hospital for exactly the reason your dad has his bear. They’re also given to anyone who needs them for comfort, and every once in a while they make special ones for the kids.

    I think your dad deserves one of the Wednesday Morning Terrorism Society’s pillows, too. Even if they are those dang Campbellites. Ha!

    So glad he’s recovering so nicely. Here’s to a giant recovery poot soon!

  4. Also, how adorable is it that when he’s all doped up and has no control over his words and actions, he flirts with his wife and makes jokes about sex?

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