We’re entering the wide Sargasso sea portion of Tiny Cat Pants, I’m afraid.  Nothing much is going on.  No one calls me except to hear about what’s going on with Dad, and we just sit at the hospital and try to keep him entertained.

Calm seas make for treacherous sailing.

Or so I hear.  I’m not a pirate.


Here are two funny things we see on our way to the hospital.  One is a sign for a town called “Flatville.”  Yeah, Flatville.  No shit.  The other is a billboard urging us to take care of our ocean.  I certainly pledge to throw nothing into the ocean while I am in Illinois.

I have been rummaging around on my parents’ computer.  Here’s a photo I found of the shadows of me, my mom, and my oldest nephew on the greenway by my house.


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