Perhaps the Last Hospital Update

Dad gets out of the hospital tomorrow and I have screwed up the TCP afghan so bad that Mom and I spent much of the evening unraveling it.

Today, while under the influence of his drugs, Dad informed me that he loves the Bluescals.  It took me a while to figure out that it was the Grascals he’s a fan of.

That’s all I’ve got.

5 thoughts on “Perhaps the Last Hospital Update

  1. Aww…tell your daddy that the Bluescals love him and are praying for his full recovery. That’s cute.

    Hey, did you notice his color being better? Anybody I’ve ever known that’s had bypass immediately, their color is better.

    I’m glad he’s doing well. Tell him his Sista said hey.

  2. Sista, oh, yes, I did! They warned us before we went into the ICU for the first time that he would look bad, but I was more stunned by how good he looked, pink and healthy in a way he hadn’t in ages.

    Remember last year when you recommended that CD and I got it for him for Christmas? He’s been playing that like it’s the only CD he owns.

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  4. He’ll wear a ball cap. Especially when he’s out “doing yardwork” (I was worried about this with his heart, but ‘doing yardwork’ appears to mean standing on the back porch throwing food to the birds).

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