Good Newses

–Dr. J and her lover both got jobs!  At a place that will require me to visit so that I may soak up the sun.

–My dad is home from the hospital and shuffling around the house with his teddy bear.  I about can’t stand it, it’s so cute.

Bridgett got tenure!

–Work sent me a press release to work on.  I can use my brain.

–Um… well… that’s all I’ve got, but it’s better than where I was this morning.

6 thoughts on “Good Newses

  1. Now Exador can hate on me for being a tenured radical, instead of just because I’m wrong all the time.

    Crazy. But thanks everyone, for the kind words. I didn’t have a soul up here to tell.

  2. Bridgett, I’m sure Exador will enjoy picking on you for being a tenured radical. Poor boy. He loves smart women, which makes him a sucker for us liberal academic types.

    Rachel, I know! Hurray for him being home. I’ve about had all the hospital I care to for a long long time.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, B! And congrats to Bridgett. I look forward to the day I can become a “tenured radical” too. And I’m glad your dad is home and shuffling about the house. Please give him my warm wishes.

  4. Dr. J, you scored the elusive “same town, two jobs” thing — for those outside of academia, a couple’s got the same chance of doing that as they have of being struck by lightning the day they win the lottery. So just wowie wow wow. You rock on with your bad fabulous selves and do some touchdown dances or something.

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