3 thoughts on “I Change My Mind Again!

  1. That was my dad’s philosophy. I was allowed to move off-campus into my own apartment on the sole condition that I take with me a hand cannon and a box of ammo. Never did use it.

    I also had a five-foot tall inflatable Godzilla in the living room. Maintenance workers always jumped about a foot in the air when they came through the door and saw that thing. Maybe college-age women need a sidearm and a Japanese movie monster.

  2. nah, it’d cost too much. let’s give them the option of arming themselves, at their own expense, if they choose to, and only if they meet all the other legal requirements for going armed everywhere else.

    then let’s make a great big hullabaloo about it, as if that miniscule change in the laws would actually make a great big difference. yeah, that sounds like the ticket.

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