More Family Weirdness

My dad’s cat will fight you.  No, like a fist fight.


And my mom has an ungodly number of cows, most of which are antiques, so I’ll let it pass that she has them.  But she also has three cow figurines of cows dressed up like cowboys.  It almost hurts my head to look at them.  This one is dressed up like a cowboy for Halloween, but the other two are just ordinary cow cowboys.


2 thoughts on “More Family Weirdness

  1. I wonder if it’s a Siamese thang. HarryCat will stand up and whip your butt for you, should you offer to punch him.

    The fact that I’m also singing “Secret … ÅSIAN CAT! Secret … ASIAN CAT! They’ve given him some TUNA and taken away his TOYS!” may have some effect on his anger issues, however. I’d whip my ass, too.

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