Another Trip Down Memory Lane

Here’s my great grandma Sadie with her chickens. This would be my dad’s mom’s mom.


And here’s my great grandpa, Harry, Sadie’s husband, with his prized horse. I love this photo because you see so many photos of men with their cars and this, to me, is in that same genre.


Here’s my dad and Patty Bradshaw watching the last circus parade to come through Battle Creek. Note his totally cute shoes and his stylish hat.


My grandpa and my beloved Uncle B. (not to be confused with my awesome, still living Uncle B., or the Uncle B. who’s dead and good riddance) and my dad were in this thing called Indian Guides. I don’t even know where to start, but it was the 50s, so I guess stuff like that seemed normal. My Uncle B. is the pudgy kid sitting next to my Grandpa, who is the man in the suit with a vest and tie. My dad is the one beating on the drum there in the right corner.

Here’s my mom in her dorm room in college. She “borrowed” this from a nearby construction site. Bonus points to whoever can identify the man in the picture behind her.


Here are my Grandma Doris and my Grandpa Bob at my Mom and Dad’s wedding. Believe it or not, his brothers were even better looking. Also, I don’t know why my Grandma is wearing a hairnet. I assume it must have been the style at the time.


Being white folks, we get started early on marrying our cousins. Here’s the recalcitrant brother marrying my cousin A. back in 83. It’s one of the few photos I could find of him smiling. My cousin A. is wearing my grandma A.’s wedding dress, which was down in the basement for whoever wanted to play with it to do so.


And this is my favorite picture of the Butcher. I must warn you, before you look at it, that it is so cute you may feel an overwhelming urge to either procreate with the Butcher or have your wife procreate with him just so you can have a kid this cute running around your house.

Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you. (And look at the pants! Argh, those will do you in if nothing else will.)(Also, I think all three of us wore that coat. My mom had these mittens we had to wear with it–though I don’t see them here–that were crocheted together by a long chain and the chain went up one arm, across your back, and down the other, so that your mittens, even when you took them off, were still attached to you.)


15 thoughts on “Another Trip Down Memory Lane

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  2. 1. B, have you read Still Life with Chickens by Catherine Goldhammer? Hi-larious. I keep an excerpt from it on my computer.

    2. We now have photographic proof of the origins of your kindness toward animals, your good looks and overwhelming CUTEness, your sense of humor, your sense of style AND your ability to provide musical accompaniment.

    We are grateful to you and for you.

  3. Ooo. Maybe I could make identifying him the contest for the Tiny Cat Pants afghan. There’s even some controversy between my mom and dad over who it is.

  4. Thanks for the awesome photo gallery of your family. We need to bring back the hairnet as a fashion accessory. Your Grandma’s rockin’ the net.

  5. Oh, man. The fact that I first thought the guy on your mom’s wall was Kenneth Burke says something about the indoctrination of grad school. And nothing good about it, either.

  6. W., no kidding! I can’t believe you can even look at a baby without thinking “I wonder if that baby needs his diaper changed.”

    And I’m really looking forward to watching those two grow up.

  7. That guy is bothering me. I know many many many figures he is not and yet the picture looks so damn familiar. At first I thought it was Einstein in his younger pre-frizz days (around 1905) but I couldn’t figure out what he would have been doing on your mom’s wall. Then I thought maybe it was a publicity photo of Faulkner, but I couldn’t find that exact shot on the internet, so I’m guessing not.

  8. Oh, I don’t think that’s a hair net, B. I think that’s one of those little pillbox-type hats that has netting hanging off the brim… sorta veil-like. There’s about a bazillion of those in the home movies of my parents’ wedding and some other occasions around the same time.

  9. First, this is the most awesome post!!! I love your family pictures, B. Second, the dude looks hauntingly familiar… I’m going to GUESS Houdini?

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