In Which I Make a Startling Discovery About My Mom

It’s hard enough being the daughter of a gorgeous woman.  Here she is at her wedding, awkwardly putting on lipstick, because she never wears lipstick.


And here she is a little younger looking beautiful as all get out without even trying.


But, America, it’s worse than I thought.  My mom used to be some sort of queen.  Here she is with her royal entourage, presumably shortly before she left Paradise Island.


Oh, sure, we have photos of her grandma Teckla…


And her grandpa Herb with her dad (my grandpa) Bob…


…but I’m convinced that’s just an elaborate cover.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Startling Discovery About My Mom

  1. Yes, yes you should–be flattered and thankful, that is. The list is probably what you think it is, and he’s always campaigning to get said list shortened.

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