Announcing the Tiny Cat Pants Afghan Contest!

I’ve been searching for a contest with just the right amount of ridiculousness and opportunity for cheating in order to give away the afghan I’m working on.  I’m not very far along on it (it’s been vexing me), but I have enough now for you to get the general gist of where it’s going and what colors it will be.

Here’s what’s done so far:


And here’s an upclose of what’s going on with the stitches:


I have another of the multicolored stripes done and am working on another solid stripe.  I’m out of most of my multicolored yarn (which was the point of the afghan, so hurray!), so I’m thinking it’s just going to be a three stripe afghan.

The contest is to identify the man from this picture of my mom:


Here he is just him:


Here’s the catch:

My mom and dad have it narrowed down to two people it could possibly be.  My mom thinks it’s one person, my dad thinks it’s another.  But even I don’t know for sure.

Here’s a hint:

If it’s the person my mom thinks it is, he’s famous enough that you’ve heard his name, I guarantee.  If it’s the person my dad thinks it is, he’s been in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and played the person my mom thinks it is (I hope that doesn’t make it too easy).

Here’s the rules:

The first person to guess correctly wins–and you must be able to back up your claim (So, I guess you could guess wrong, but still win if your proof seems the most plausible).  Don’t guess if you don’t want to win, because it’s not going to be an afghan to everyone’s tastes, and it will break my heart if you know the answer but are all like “Hell no, don’t send that thing to me!”.   And you must be willing to send me your name and a UPS-able address.  So, there’s that.

Okay, good luck.

36 thoughts on “Announcing the Tiny Cat Pants Afghan Contest!

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  2. Well I’ve not a clue.

    I ran the mystery picture through one of those “What celebrity do I look like” face recognition websites (you did say cheating was allowed), and came back with Ernst Lubitsch, but looking at the other pics of Ernst, that doesn’t seem quite right.

  3. I want to say that it’s Lionel Barrymore, except that I’m aware it actually doesn’t look anything like him. But it’s got his aura.

  4. or this image. I’m kind of getting more convinced that, even if your parents don’t know for sure, it really is barrymore. I mean look at that nose turned to the side in this image: doesn’t it kind of look like the nose in the pic would be this distinctively commanding if the guy’s head was turned? plus his posture is very ponderous, like “I am an IMPORTANT THEATER ACTOR. I am a BARRYMORE.”

  5. If anybody has gotten it correct thus, it seems odd to me that a photograph popular enough to be made into a poster wouldn’t be somewhere on Google Images (the exact photo, not just another of the same person)

  6. Hmm. That mom looks suspiciously like me (attitude; haircut) and I’ve always suspected my husband was gay for Errol Flynn.

    Now I’m REALLY worried.

  7. OK, well, I don’t have an answer for the conundrum of “why isn’t this a well-known John Barrymore image”, except for the following highly scientific google experiments I conducted.

    1. “john barrymore” and poster produced one million movie promo posters and not many barrymore stills.

    2. “john barrymore” in image search produced a plethora of images with a few recurring but a lot that seemed to be publicity stills…I searched about 14 pages of stuff (so deep is my love for the afghan) but could not find anything except this still which confirms, to me, that it’s JB because notice the super deep chin cleft (as well as the nose). How common is that?

    3. Emboldened by my proof-positive, I decided to test the theory itself. I have a Bogey and Bacall poster I bought for five bucks at some college poster fair (presumably roughly equivalent conditions to the pictured dorm room), and so I tested to see if I could find MY poster. It’s Bogart and Bacall standing in kind of a candid pose on a bridge, and nothing even similar turned up through several searches.

    I should beat everyone else through the sheer determination with which I have approached this contest! How ’bout it, B?

  8. I’ve look at every google image (thanks PicLens for making that a possible feat) of every legit guess so far, and no luck. I’ve lost alot of respect for Google today.

    If it were my contest, I’d give it to Georgia (unless she is wrong and somebody else guesses right). I don’t know if her guess is right or wrong, but she seems to want it the most.

  9. That’s my mom’s dorm room. She “borrowed” that torch from someplace because, when you don’t drink or do drugs, you apparently go crazy in other was.

    I’ve made the executive decision that both the Missus and Georgia win because I can’t say for certain which one is right.

  10. I guess you will be making two afgans? Or two really small afgans? (one cut in half?)
    Thanks for the fun.

    Bogart never had a mustache, so that was a dumb guess, just going on the Bugs angle.


  11. Hmmmm, I asked the resident movie expert, and he says it’s categorically not Errol Flynn (which I agree with), and is probably John Barrymore (I’m not so sure, myself).

  12. B., I think I’m going to throw my hat into the John Barrymore ring. I think Georgia is right. I only say that because I had this post up on the screen and she glanced at the picture over my shoulder and said “Humph– John Barrymore.”

  13. CS, I was wondering what you were doing with Georgia. I was all like “Hey, CS and Georgia are married! Wait. I think I’ve met Georgia a couple times here in Nashville.”

  14. Kathy, I thought Houdini originally, but ruled him out after studying his facial bone structure. Then I got tired of this contest, which is probably rigged anyway, and went back to watching Jeopardy.

  15. I didn’t have to rig it! It looks like corrupt cronyism all on its own. It’s the perfect contest for an Illinois Democrat (at heart) to be throwing.

    Because, as you may not know, Georgia is a friend and co-worker of the Professor’s and the Professor is one of my best friends.

    It smacks of cheating even without the cheating. It’s all of the scandal and none of the effort.

    And, need I remind you, if it turns out that the Missus is the legitimate winner, it will be the same thing, only through you? Except that Georgia will still get the afghan.

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