You Know, This Contest Was Supposed to Be Difficult for You, Not for Me

Okay, I see no way to declare a winner, since I’m still not sure whether it’s John Barrymore or Errol Flynn, myself.

I did, however, learn that someone kidnapped John Barrymore’s corpse and left it at Errol Flynn’s house, for reasons that I’m sure make sense to the folks involved, but kind of weirded me out.

I couldn’t find that exact picture anywhere on the internet.

I found this one of Barrymore, which looks somewhat similar, and this one of Flynn, which looks somewhat similar.  The curve of Flynn’s eyebrow makes me think that it’s him.

So, here’s my proposed solution.  Georgia wins this afghan, because, though I think she’s wrong, she did provide the most detailed reasoning of why she came up with Barrymore, and I can’t say for certain that it’s not (and my mom did have crushes on both of them in her younger days).

But, the Missus had what I believe is the right answer first, and so she should also win an afghan.

So, when I am done with the afghan that is now Georgia’s, I will sit down with the Missus, preferably over some fun vodka drink not made by Mack (since he makes them so strong they put hair on my chest) and we’ll plot out an afghan for her.

Fair enough?

9 thoughts on “You Know, This Contest Was Supposed to Be Difficult for You, Not for Me

  1. That is NOT Errol Flynn.

    I have had a crush on him for well nigh on forty years, have the box set of his movies as well as (ahem) a few books about him. I also did a scratchboard picture of him for a high school project, so…well, perhaps I’ve said too much.

    I know my Errol Flynn, and that sir, is no Errol Flynn.

  2. …some fun vodka drink not made by Mack (since he makes them so strong they put hair on my chest)

    Then what is Mack’s excuse for not having hair on his chest?

  3. Here’s the only reason I’m still not 100% convinced. Errol Flynn played John Barrymore and what if this is from his Barrymore period?

    Still, either way, Georgia wins, which means I now have to finish it.

    Ginger, I assume it just works the opposite way for him. Person who for sure never wants to find chest hair on her chest has is sproinging forth from his drinks and person who wouldn’t necessarily be alarmed to have chest hair finds his all falling out from it. It’s like it pushes whatever’s under your skin out and whatever’s on your skin off.

  4. Resolved. The picture on the wall is Howard Hughes. It took me awhile, but I eventually remembered that heattended Rasmussen College in Rockford, Ill, where the picture was taken. Also, he privately funded the entire athletic and arts departments. Rumor has it, he bedded every female student between the years 1951-1668, and, to his credit, a large segment of the male students. His resemblance to both Errol Flynn, John Barrymore, and Mike Huckabee enabled him to easily conquer even those women of impeccable moral fiber. I’m sure your mother has confessed to your father already, no need to bring it all up again. Ironically, he is legendary in Midwestern knitting circles to this day.

    Normally, I would not demand the afghan, but I feel that my investigative prowess should be both acknowledged and rewarded and i intend to give the afghan to its rightful owner posthaste. (that would be the luckiest woman on Earth, The Missus.) Shall I send you the addy in an email?

  5. the picture is of John Barrymore from the movie Twentieth Century with Carol Lombard. I am sure an image search will prove this.

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