Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

I’d forgotten what a nightmare it is to drive on rural roads in the dark in the snow.  But Mom needed to go to the eye doctor and so we went.  We left Dad at home alone, which I found more nerve wracking than trying to figure out if we were still on the road.

We came home the interstate, which was, of course, clear.  I don’t know why we didn’t take that to begin with.

It’s weird to say, but this has been a really nice visit.  I’m so glad I got to spend this time with my dad.  We’d hit a rough patch there for a while and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to just be at ease around him.

There’s something defiant about my people that I love–even though I’m never sure who, exactly, it is we think is holding us back, other than ourselves.  It makes me wonder just how many generations that little voice that says “you suck” has been living with us.  Long enough, I guess, for us to feel tickled when we think we’re pulling one over on it.

I’m going to miss them when I go home.  I wonder if Mom will have to moon me this time.

Seriously, Campfield Just Disqualified Himself from Public Service in the State of Tennessee

There are four cities in Tennessee that every resident of Tennessee should be able to locate on a map: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.  Tennessee is bordered on the south side by three states–Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, which everyone in Tennessee should also know.  Memphis, home of the DELTA BLUES, serves as the urban center for folks living in the Mississippi Delta, as well as folks in parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.

These are basic, basic geographical facts of our state.

I quote in full from today’s post by Campfield, because, if he has any dignity, he will soon take it down, hang his head in shame, and report to one of the elementary schools he’s so hellbent on regulating for remedial state geography.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Georgia willing to take Memphis

As I brought up jokingly in the past I sort of laughed at the thought trading part of Memphis to Georgia. It looks now like Georgia is seriously wanting to take one mile of Memphis to get some of the water rights.

posted by the rep @ 9:44 AM

America, I should not have to spell this out for you as well, but I will.  Look at the map over at Knoxnews.   The very map which Campfield must have looked at when he looked at that page to link to it.


See?  SEE?!  If it didn’t occur to him that it would be supremely stupid and weird for Georgia to want Memphis, which isn’t even anywhere near Georgia, which anyone who lives in this state and serves this state in a governing capacity should know, it says right on the map “Chattanooga.”


Campfield has broken me.  He wins.  I quit.  I have to go lie down.

My Dad Demands to Go for a Ride

So, we’re going for a ride here in a bit, to fix my phone, which someone, and I’m not naming names, threw on the ground at his house and stomped on and caused to not stay flipped open like a normal phone anymore.  (Okay, maybe the phone just fell on the floor at his house and busted open, but that’s not nearly as good a story.)

And then we’re going to Arby’s for lunch.

I’m a little nervous.

He said he sat down to write his piece for the newsletter, but just felt very anxious about it and couldn’t do it.  I told him we could work on it together tomorrow and to cut himself some slack.  His friend told him he might feel depressed and I find anxiousness and depression are two stops on the same train.

Plus, I also told him that he’s not supposed to go back to work for three weeks–what was he doing writing anything?

And he wants me to go with my mom to her doctor’s appointment tonight (it’s so cool how many of the doctors around here have evening hours) and I’m nervous about leaving him alone, especially if he tries to climb the stairs to go to bed on his own.

But we’ll see.  You can’t really tell the man anything.  You just have to wait around for him to come to it himself, so there’s no sense in fighting with him about it.  We’ll just go slowly and keep our fingers crossed.