My Dad Demands to Go for a Ride

So, we’re going for a ride here in a bit, to fix my phone, which someone, and I’m not naming names, threw on the ground at his house and stomped on and caused to not stay flipped open like a normal phone anymore.  (Okay, maybe the phone just fell on the floor at his house and busted open, but that’s not nearly as good a story.)

And then we’re going to Arby’s for lunch.

I’m a little nervous.

He said he sat down to write his piece for the newsletter, but just felt very anxious about it and couldn’t do it.  I told him we could work on it together tomorrow and to cut himself some slack.  His friend told him he might feel depressed and I find anxiousness and depression are two stops on the same train.

Plus, I also told him that he’s not supposed to go back to work for three weeks–what was he doing writing anything?

And he wants me to go with my mom to her doctor’s appointment tonight (it’s so cool how many of the doctors around here have evening hours) and I’m nervous about leaving him alone, especially if he tries to climb the stairs to go to bed on his own.

But we’ll see.  You can’t really tell the man anything.  You just have to wait around for him to come to it himself, so there’s no sense in fighting with him about it.  We’ll just go slowly and keep our fingers crossed.

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