Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

I’d forgotten what a nightmare it is to drive on rural roads in the dark in the snow.  But Mom needed to go to the eye doctor and so we went.  We left Dad at home alone, which I found more nerve wracking than trying to figure out if we were still on the road.

We came home the interstate, which was, of course, clear.  I don’t know why we didn’t take that to begin with.

It’s weird to say, but this has been a really nice visit.  I’m so glad I got to spend this time with my dad.  We’d hit a rough patch there for a while and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to just be at ease around him.

There’s something defiant about my people that I love–even though I’m never sure who, exactly, it is we think is holding us back, other than ourselves.  It makes me wonder just how many generations that little voice that says “you suck” has been living with us.  Long enough, I guess, for us to feel tickled when we think we’re pulling one over on it.

I’m going to miss them when I go home.  I wonder if Mom will have to moon me this time.

3 thoughts on “Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. The hard thing about being defiant as a motivator — imagining that someone somewhere is saying “you suck and you can’t do it” as a spur to getting over
    with your life — is that it leaves you carrying around troubling anger that appears to comes from nowhere and is directed at no one in particular. At some point, too, you outgrow the need to defy and just give yourself permission to be fabulous, but then there’s that habit of anger that’s worn a groove in you.

    Don’t ask me how I know that.

  2. Bridgett’s right, but I think that having a good time with your family is one of the things that helps to defuse the anger.

    I assume, from your lack of comment, that your father didn’t take advantage of your absence to paint either the town or the house and was not lying exhausted at the top of the stairs when you returned.

  3. No, he called us a couple of times, fretting, which was actually a relief, because if he was calling us to worry, clearly we had no cause to worry ourselves.

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