Dad in Recovery


What I love about this photo is that, if you look closely, you can see how he’s turned this chair into his command center. There’s his chapstick, his house phone, the glint of his cell phone, the glass with just a smidge of Diet Vernor’s Ginger Ale in the bottom, nail clippers, a book, his bear, and his cat. The only thing I’m not seeing is his tv remote, which, I think we can safely assume is just hidden by the bear. All this and I can be sure of two things–one, he’ll soon come in here because he’s bored and, two, he’ll soon holler at me to check the thermostat, because he’s cold.

He gets his stitches out today. He’s very excited, and desperate for it to be done. He tried to talk me into doing it earlier and I promised that I would if the nurse isn’t here by 3.

If it comes to that, I hope he lets me liveblog it.

7 thoughts on “Dad in Recovery

  1. I’m glad. I’m having a good time doing it. And the cat is actually dinky. I don’t know how he’s managed to make himself look like feline giganticus here.

  2. The cat does look huge. How much does he weigh? Now if the chair was just on wheels and motorized, he could really be on a tear.

  3. I love all of these pictures, too…it’s like, “Aunt B, This is Your Life” and you’re sharing it with all of us.

    You’ve got one heck of a cute family. Now I see where you get all of your cuteness from! :)

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