Grandpa in His Football Uniform

Taking Dophin’s advice had an unintended consequence.


So, I just took the picture down and scanned it in. I had to cut off the coach. Hopefully none of his relatives were waiting around with baited breath (bated breath?) to see their great grandfather on Tiny Cat Pants. Click to embiggen and get a kick out of the hairstyles. (Because, really, if you don’t know the people, the most fun you can have is to laugh at their hairstyles.) I think the tall kid in the back may be Tiny Pasture’s grandpa (I kid).


Here’s my Grandpa Hick.


And look at the brooding hottie below him!

4 thoughts on “Grandpa in His Football Uniform

  1. Ooo… Unintended, but incredibly cool consequences.

    Yay to your grandpa for smiling! Everybody always looks so miserable in posed old pictures. I guess “Say cheese!” is a new thing.

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