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I want to take a picture of a picture, see, and I can’t figure out how to turn my dad’s camera’s flash off and so I’m getting a glare off the glass. I don’t know what kind of help I need exactly, since I can’t take a picture of the camera to get help, but is there some way I can trick the flash into not going off.


But look at how cool this photo is! My grandpa was born in 1908 and we figure he’s about 16 in this picture (after they’d moved out of the chicken coop and into town) and so this is my grandpa on his high school football team in the early thirties. Look at how small their pads are! He’s in the middle row, if you look to the big white flash, and then look to the right, there are three guys. He’s the one in the middle, with the stripes on his shirt.

It looks like there are three types of shirts. I wonder if that gives some clue about what position a person played. Also, check out the coach.

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