The Writing on My Great Grandma’s Paintings

I messed with the contrast and such as much as I could without having Photoshop.

Here’s the writing from the portrait of my mom:


Here’s the other picture with writing on it:


And here’s a close-up of that writing, also overcontrasted to make everything clear:


3 thoughts on “The Writing on My Great Grandma’s Paintings

  1. NM, I asked my mom and got the skinny. My great grandma Teckla was taking painting lessons at the Art Institute in Chicago and, while she was there, she met a Chinese artist who taught silk screen painting. They became friends and the artist even lived with my great grandparents for a while while she was looking for a house in Chicago. And she taught my great grandma silk screen painting and my great grandma had to take a Chinese name in conjunction with that and that is, indeed, her Chinese name. Whatever it is.

  2. Well, see, I want to run it by some Chinese readers to try to find out whether it’s a Chinese-sounding version of “Teckla” or something else.

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