Good News! The Economy is Reasonably Healthy.

U.S. Conference of Mayors:

Number of homes in foreclosure in Tennessee: almost 33,000 as of November 2007

Projected loss to the Gross Metropolitan Product of Nashville this year: $901.6 million

Memphis: $482 million

Knoxville: $311.9 million

Kingsport/Bristol: $109.9 million

Chattanooga: $166.3 million

Bill Hobbs:

The economy isn’t failing. Has it hit a rough patch? For certain. The subprime mortgage crisis, though it affects about 2 percent of all current mortgages, has put a dent in the housing market. But employment remains strong and inflation remains low. Nationally, the economy has not yet suffered one month of negative growth, much less the two consecutive quarters (six months) that are required before the economy can be said to be in recession. In Tennessee, most economic signs remain reasonably healthy. [Emphasis mine.]

A Bad Case of Churchinial Delinquency

Nobody in my family’s going to church!  Mom is practically giggling like a school girl and is going to change into something more comfortable “darn it.”

Which, I guess, means that, not only aren’t we going to church, Mom’s going to start using strong language*.

Next thing you know, we’ll start eating without praying and, after that, who knows what madness…


*Other than “shit.”  My whole life, my mom’s only cuss word has been “shit” and she says it so cutely that it hardly seems like a swear.  My dad’s dad used to egg her on just to hear her say it.