A Bad Case of Churchinial Delinquency

Nobody in my family’s going to church!  Mom is practically giggling like a school girl and is going to change into something more comfortable “darn it.”

Which, I guess, means that, not only aren’t we going to church, Mom’s going to start using strong language*.

Next thing you know, we’ll start eating without praying and, after that, who knows what madness…


*Other than “shit.”  My whole life, my mom’s only cuss word has been “shit” and she says it so cutely that it hardly seems like a swear.  My dad’s dad used to egg her on just to hear her say it.

2 thoughts on “A Bad Case of Churchinial Delinquency

  1. My mother’s only bad word was “heck fire”. She was also 98 when she died this Jan. And my Dad, who died 13 days earlier at 92, always apologized to me if he used hell or damn. So what does this mean for you and your family? I actually don’t like simple words of anger since I hope that people can find more interesting ways to express their frustration. Damn, hell, shit, fuck on and on don’t mean the same always based on who are are and where you come from. Of course, they do if you hit your finger with a hammer.

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