12 thoughts on “Caption this Photo!

  1. Okay, I’ll start. How about “Already convinced that two heads are better than one, Representative Campfield takes a dramatic step to learn if three hands are better than two.”

  2. “Yeah, man, it’s just a uterus,” Rep. Stacey “Hoo needes spelchek” Campfield tells Gov. “Putting the Jesus Back in the Constitution” Huckabee. “It’s not like we’re trying to steal part of Memphis and give it to Georgia!”

  3. Oh, duh, of course “Rep. Campfield’s constituents worry that perhaps Campfield’s stated commitment to the second amendment is based on a profound misunderstanding.”

  4. Mine wasn’t actually a caption, B.
    I’m still pondering this. I knew he was spindly and odd but I still cannot look away.
    I gotta go get Squirrel Queen. She’s good at this stuff.

  5. Oh I get it. There’s a guy behind Campy trying to get Huck’s attention so he has his arm on his elbow…while Campy is still trying to reason with him.

  6. Oh, sure, Ginger. If you want to get all fancy with your facts and your logic and your Occum’s Razor shit.

    Tee hee.

    Newscoma, this looks like photographic proof to me that he’s an alien.

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