For Whom are We Fixing Things?

When I don’t pay attention, I feel pretty good about the Democrats and this election.  We have two interesting and compelling candidates, both of whom have devoted and excited bases.  And it seems like, no matter who we end up with as a candidate, it’s going to be pretty okay.

Which is why I am growing more and more grossed out with what I see when I do pay attention.  Folks on one side saying racist things because the other side is sexist.  Folks on the other side saying sexist things because the other side is racist.

I just wanted it to be different.

I know that’s naive, but these past eight years have been a heart-hurting, Constitution-shredding mess, and I really want to see something different.  I want to see candidates engage in civil debates.  I want to see liberals make reasoned and informed votes, but then get behind whoever becomes the eventual nominee.

Because we’re going to have to work together after this is all over.  We still live in a conservative state, where our basic citizenship is under constant threat.

We know and have known for ages that the people in power need us to be too busy fighting with each other to turn our attention to them.  And yet, here we are, bickering over whose turn it is to be president, who has suffered the longest, who deserves it more.

Am I alone in thinking, “Fuck that shit.  I’ll vote for a black man this time and a white woman next time and a brown woman after that (or whatever other confligration they give me).”  I mean, truly, what’s with this notion that this is it, this is our shot, as if this will be our only shot?

Have we really been fighting only for us?

Because I didn’t get that message, that I was working for the day when a woman could be president, but that, if it didn’t happen in my lifetime, my cause is a failure.

And, honestly, and I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but come on.  I’m not working for a day when the rich puppet of corporate interests who sits in the White House looks like me.  That, to me, will be a pleasant symbolic gesture, but it isn’t my end goal.

9 thoughts on “For Whom are We Fixing Things?

  1. What’s grabbing my gravel about the Erica Jong/Gloria Steinem crew — their Gramsci-influenced “you hate Hillary because you’re too stupid to know that sexism is coloring all your perceptions and we alone know the single correct position for all US feminists” critique of women who voted for Obama — is that they don’t seem capable of acknowledging that intelligent and thoughtful feminist women can disagree about what candidate best represents their interests. I mean, what is to be done about me? I don’t have cable, so I’m not being misled by media coverage. I actually read policy papers and shit. I think through things, my votes perhaps most of all. And here I am, a well-educated bougie white feminist who is neither a Hillary-hater nor a Hillary supporter. She’s got her points but she was and is my second choice. Is that false consciousness? I guess for them, it would be.

    I think that it’s a generational thing, where they fear that they are running out of time. They’re thirty years older than me. Maybe for them, they feel that this is their last chance to see a woman president.

  2. Yes, B.  The first half of your post pretty much sums up how I’m feeling: dismayed.PA doesn’t have primaries until April, which is good for me, because I am quite torn between the two.  They’d both be perfectly fine presidents, I think.  And they’re both playing ugly and I hate it. I don’t want to see it.

    I tried to get this across at my blog, but I think a lot of people put their fingers in their ears and only respond to half, like “Sure there’s sexism but it could be worse!” or “stop telling me there’s sexism, I have other reasons for disliking Clinton!” And that’s really only getting half the point… because the way sexism and racism gets flung around in this election, it’s going to make it harder for the next non-white-male to run for presidency.
    And I do think that matters. It’s not that I need to see a person with the same basic sex organs as me take office – but I DO need to see that America can accept a non-white-male in that position. I’m not interested in living in a colonialist patriarchy, and I’m just not seeing enough to convince me that I’m not. That’s what’s at stake for me, in a poorly worded nutshell.

  3. Don’t know enough of the history of feminism to chime in on that aspect of your post (I wouldn’t know a first waver from a second waver) but, I am truly shocked by the venom spewed by some local democrats toward the candidates. Idiocy. If you consider yourself to be an influential voice in your community, and i think most political bloggers want to think that they are, why would you do that? If your candidate loses, you have marginalized yourself for the general election. Credibility is at stake, and don’t we all want to be seen as credible?

    Shaking my head.

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  5. Well, what B said and what tanglethis said and what Mack said, plus it all seems to be helping McCain according to the latest polls, and surely that’s bad for Clinton voters and Obama voters.

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