We’re All In It Together.

Apparently, poor people get that illegal immigrants are not stealing our jobs.

This historic softening of attitudes toward illegal immigrants may be due to many factors including: greater familiarity with – and hence comfort around – such groups and publicity surrounding the fact that sufficient numbers of workers for some jobs such as storm cleanup have been hard to find in areas that have cracked down on undocumented immigrants. [emphasis mine]

(h/t Carter)

Breaking News about Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!

I was reading along to Bill Hobbs, as I regularly do when I need a laugh, and he’s trying to defend himself from the accurate charges that he’s attempting to make hay out of the fact that Obama’s middle name is the same as Mohammad’s grandson’s first name (and the same as a certain dictator’s last name) when he says:

Run a Lexis-Nexis search for the number of times the media has used Hillary Rodham Clinton’s middle name, often to underscore her feminist leanings and independence from her husband.

Except, as anyone who gives it half a thought knows “Rodham” isn’t Clinton’s middle name–it’s her original last name.

What’s Clinton’s middle name?


As in Dianic Wicca.

See?! SEE?!

Sure, both Democratic candidates claim to be Christian, but their middle names reveal the truth!!!! Obama’s going to hand us over to the Muslims and Clinton is going to hand us over to the feminist witches.

So, surely only John Sidney McCain can save us, except, if Sidney doesn’t mean “wide, well-watered land,” it might come from a shortening of St. Denis, Denis being, itself, a shortening of Dionysus. Dionysus being a god other than the Christian one.

Argh! Is no one safe?

What about Michael Dale Huckabee? He must be a safe, Christian candidate, right? Well, except that the word “Dale” appears to be older that Christianity…

Whew, I hope Hobbs gets on warning his fellow Republicans about the polytheistic plot to take over America!

Everyone has been all over this. See Mack, NiT, Tiny Pasture, and Brittney.

Edited to Add: This is turning into the best political nonsense in our state in some time. Via Tiny Pasture, we learn that, when asked about this controversy, the head of the TNGOP said, and I quote, yes, a real person in my state said this with a straight face, I kid you not. No, I know. Okay, here:

When asked if Obama’s middle name though – the same name as former Iraqi president and tyrant Saddam Hussein – gave off a different connotation than others, Smith suggested that Obama’s parents needed to be contacted.

“You can call his momma and daddy on that one,” Smith said.

Seriously, you could not make these people up.

Edited to Add Some More: Rachel, of Women’s Health News fame, just emailed me to remind me that the best/worst part of Smith’s comments are that Obama’s parents are both dead.

Edited to Add, at Last:  Aw, Lamar Alexander has stepped in to put an end to the ridiculousness.

Just a Quick Question

When did the tiny cat become the type of cat who wanted to sit on your lap at all times?

Why, I remember the good old days when she would live in my closet for months on end, hissing if you got too close to her.

Random Bits of News Collected in One Place to Simulate a Post

Mag has some great news!

Theriomorph has some great news, too!

–If you haven’t, even once in your life, longed to be a luchador, I don’t even know what to say to you.

One thing immigrants don’t do better than us native born folks.

Dangerous rolls on the loose in Memphis.

Yes, this means I’ve finally finished a draft of my play about the invention of the vibrator.  I was telling my dad about the difficulty of ending the play in a way that would both reaffirm and undermine the patriarchy and he was all “You’re writing a play about the invention of the vibrator?  Why don’t you write something I can tell folks about?”