Just a Quick Question

When did the tiny cat become the type of cat who wanted to sit on your lap at all times?

Why, I remember the good old days when she would live in my closet for months on end, hissing if you got too close to her.

3 thoughts on “Just a Quick Question

  1. Alas, it happens to the best of cats. My tiny cat, who was as close to feral as an indoor cat can be, suddenly turned into a lap cat too. Maybe the end of the world is coming.

  2. After getting my tiny cat Henry from the shelter, it was months before he’d come near me. His sister June warmed up to me pretty quickly, but he kept his distance. They were ten months old when I got them, so 1. I’d missed out on a pretty significant part of their childhoods, and 2. I have no idea what kind of owner(s) and/or mistreatment they had before me.

    One evening, when I was sitting on the floor, I felt a nudge at my right elbow. I turned and saw Henry backing up, his eyes on my face. He’d bumped me with the top of his head, what I’d come to recognize as his “I love you, Mama!” signal. From that night, he’s been a confirmed tiny lap-cat.

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